Well here I am

What am I doing? I am not a writer.  I am not fantastic at much. My therapist mentioned this might be good, so here I am.  Writing….well really I typing. My heart has been broken and most days I think about what happened.  It completely changed my life.  Completely changed the way I view my husband.  I mean, how could he?  I am not skinny or a trophy wife, but I am loyal.  I am a good mother…most days.  He touched another woman sexually.  He touched another woman with his… WHY?  In a matter of 20 minutes he destroyed our marriage and lost my trust and betrayed me.  Betrayed. That word has such a deeper meaning now that I’ve experienced it.  I feel cut to my core.  So much has swirled through my brain these past weeks, months.  Hoping putting them down can help me make sense of it all.


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