The call at Panera

He called me on a Friday.  It was October 28, 2016.  I was working on his business stuff, trying to surf the web while the little boys were in preschool.  I can’t remember the weather, but a hurricane was about to hit.  He called to tell me that he had been called into a police station a few towns from where we live to talk about an incident that had happened with a woman in late July (last weekend of July to be exact).  He told me he had gotten drunk, had way to much to drink and Miss A was sad.  Her sister had just committed suicide and her boyfriend was being ugly to her. This girl worked for us. He should not have been over there and there he was, on her front porch.  This girl has been in jail several times for drug abuse and violence.  Her character is not all that great….and here he was, with her.  Not with me.

The hot tears were rolling down my face as I sat in the booth at Panera.  I had to cover my mouth to keep from making a sound.  From that moment on, I would never be the same.  He went on to tell me that she had told the police that his advances to her were not consensual.  So there may be sexual abuse charges.  Oh how the plot thickens.  Shocked wasn’t even the word to describe how I was feeling. I don’t even think there are words in the English language to put in words my heart.  I was devastated.


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